Hello and welcome!  I just wanted to give you a little history of myself and this little business that I love. I first started this shop on Etsy back in 2014.  At the time, I loved working with power tools and creating simple woodworking projects so I started selling collage frames and other random wood projects. I slowly learned my way around Photoshop and started offering paper prints with frames. Over time, paper prints gave way to canvas prints and I found my niche. It's wonderful to have a business that's also my creative outlet and a way to touch people with words.

A little about me- I'm a homeschooling mom and wife to an amazing and supportive husband. That is my first true calling and passion! I enjoy designing, decorating, and making things for my own home. I love most all styles...modern, cottage, coastal, traditional, industrial, vintage....My house tends to be a mixture. I'm always making something only to change it up to fit my latest style mood. Though, I love to stick with the basics that never go out of style, I'm a sucker for the latest trends! I love scouring junk and antique shops for re-purposing projects and anything with character. I also enjoy shopping at Lowes and Home Depot and I love power tools!

I love decorating with a meaning and a purpose-lots of family photos, a beautiful basket to hide all my junk, quotes and words to inspire, and most importantly, I want it to be comfortable and fun! I think I love to organize just as much and believe that our homes can be functional as well as beautiful. I've learned to embrace home as a part of everyday life that holds our loved ones as well as our clutter and dirt when life gets too busy. My home is truly my happy place!  You can follow me on Instagram where I occasionally post my projects around the house.

Thank you for visiting my shop!